about me

about me

Hello! My name is Özkan. I'm a Screen- and Printdesigner from Brunswick, Germany.

I guess you probably stumbled upon my website, because you are either a friend, a client or someone who received a job application from me! Nontheless, you are welcome! I feel like, we should first of all try to get to know each other a little better. So... let me tell you a couple facts about me!

  • I know a lot about distributed ledger technologies such as blockchain, hashgraph and other approaches and I'm a decent trader!
  • I am stereoblind
  • I love seabuckthorn
  • I have OCD, which makes some things take longer but it helps me in designing clean and obsessively well organised designs
  • I am using twitter for over 11 years now and have written mor than 65,000 tweets in that time. This equals to around 16 tweets per day and 20 minutes a day on average.

Okay, I feel like this is enough. Now I think it would be a good idea to sprinkle some pictures of my life in here too. Everyone loves pictures! And I feel like, this makes it a bit more personal.

That's it from me! Now I'd be interested in getting to know you! Write me a mail, say hi on twitter or leave me a message on facebook.

Thank you for reading through my gibberish. It means a lot to me!

Stay safe, buy a boat and don't let people on the internet tell you what to do with your life,

Özkan Isik

thanks ~